Proposal: The Creation of WEB3C


In 1990 the first website was published. In 1992 we got to see the first image posted online, edited with photoshop. In 1993 we had the world’s first graphical browser named Mosaic, ushering in the age of landing page designs. Then in 1994 we got Netscape, a tremendously popular browser at that time. With Netscape we got gif images and an easy way to access the internet. The growth from that first website 32 years ago to what we have now is nothing short of impressive.

However, the most integral part of that growth and development was the common standards composed and implemented by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in 1995. At the time their sole focus and purpose was to create common standards for web development. The same year Netscape and SUN announced JavaScript in a press release titled “Netscape and SUN announced JavaScript, The Open, Cross-Platform Object Scripting Language For Enterprise Networks And The Internet”. And upon the shoulders of these giants the pillars of the standardization of Web2 were laid. In fact, one could say that Web2 in its current advanced state would not have been achievable without these agreed upon common standards.


Currently, we are at the intersectionality between Web2, Web3, Gaming, and the MetaVerse. Being mindful of our history, we desperately need to implement a common standard for Web3. Within this new Consortium WEB3C, if you will, we must establish major industry players that will govern the common standards that we are all so desperately in need of. I believe Game7 is very uniquely positioned to take on the responsibility in creating the governing body, specifically the interoperability between game and MetaVerse assets, that facilitates the creation of common standards that will allow for Web3 to grow and thrive like that of its predecessor Web2.


Hey @Delroy, I just joined the community but I can already see how well-organized and active it is. So I support your proposal wholeheartedly. Best, Jan