Proposal: Game7 Game Jam

Hey everyone, it doesn’t seem like there’s a great vector in Forum to post longer documents. As such, I’ve uploaded several files via Google Drive and opened them up for your suggestions:

  • Official Rules
  • Code of Conduct
  • Parental Waiver
  • Challenge Template
  • Challenges 1, 2, 3

You can review those here:

I look forward to your feedback!


This proposal fits right in line with Game7’s mission to promote sustainable gaming that focuses on the community while creating a fun environment for web2 and web3 developers to come together and build!

To that end, there should also be some challenges that incorporate both web2 and web3 elements so as not to separate out the talent into only certain challenges. We should be bringing these two groups together as much as possible.

In terms of game jam vs hackathon and physical vs digital, I propose a mix: digital game jam streamed on YouTube/Twitch (likely in parts) to take place before ETH Denver and then a final hackathon to take place live in meatspace during ETH Denver for one or two days. This allows the most participation, gives the game jam space to stand on its own, but then also gets the community together for a fast-paced finale!


Hey everyone - thanks again for your input on the proposal. After community feedback and discussions with the Game7 stewards about how to get the largest numbers of builders involved, we have re-baselined the timeline to accommodate ~2 weeks of promotion. Check out the new calendar in the “Process” section.

Our team at Rensa will start roughing in some announcements immediately, and will engage this group to help circulate messaging when ready.

In the interim - we are still looking for community feedback on our Challenges. We have agreed to three different prompts, that run the full spectrum from Web2 to Web3 development. Please check out the links above and add your feedback via comments on the Google Sheets. Thanks!


I love all the outpouring of support and great ideas on how to get the most out of the GameJam! It’s encouraging to see so much input from across the community here in Discourse, on Discord and from Dev teams that have reached out directly regarding this proposal.

Given the groundswell of support behind this, and the tremendous work by Anthony behind the scenes to get everything in order to host this successfully - I propose that we move forward with the 3 GameJam challenges outlined here:

  1. “Mouse-Only Madness” for traditional Web2 devs

  2. “Web2.5” for developers with some experience or knowledge of blockchain

  3. “Swap It” for developers working on technical implementations around interoperability

We can spin up a dedicated category with associated channels for the duration of the GameJam, and gate these as opt-in for the devs and others who want to stay up to speed on what’s being built or pitch in on solutions to problems that teams are facing. For more info, scroll down in G7 Discord to #join-initiative

Game7 is proud to sponsor the challenge with $9000 in prizes ($3k per challenge).

Interested? Here’s what you can do next:

  1. Join our Discord and head to the #join-initiative channel under the “G7 Initiatives” category. Hit the :building_construction:emoji there and you’ll get access to the game jam channels.
    => REMEMBER: The Deadline to register is Feb 16!
  2. Read the Announcement about the event here: [BLOG]
  3. Spread the word! We’re looking to go BIG with this initiative and that includes reaching out to game development communities around the world - and across blockchains. Follow us on twitter for updates and retweet us at

Questions? Drop us a line in discord!

@Final Boss | Rensa Games#9033
@GrandMarquis#9811 (or any of the Community Stewards)

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