Proposal: A next-gen game marketplace

Hey all

We’ve built an interpreter that evaluates at runtime, which unlocks a huge amount of flexibility and power in other contracts. Looking for community feedback on our proposal for an open-source, totally onchain multi-currency game marketplace, the draft of which you can see here:


Game economies are struggling to break the 1-2 token paradigm and so the ‘play-to-earn’ movement is being revisited with people not sure what will drive the next waves of adoption from web2 to web3 gaming.

Existing marketplaces have been focussed on monetisation and walled gardens rather than supporting the actual needs of game economies. Existing products don’t think through the user experience of actual games - they are investing all time and effort into auction and secondary market sales.

We have been focussing on the more complex and (we believe) exciting problem of how to use any currency or currencies to buy in-game assets like avatars, skins, land, vehicles, weapons; powered by any combination of rules to determine who can mint, how much they can mint and how much minting costs.


Hi @highonhopium . Thanks for taking the time to write and share your proposal with the Game7 community. I am looking forward to learn more about what you are building :fire:

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