Kid dream and fulfillment

Our children is our future and they are especially the future of the videogame industry. This especially goes for Web3 community. I’m a middle school teacher that teaches introductory Game Design for middle schoolers from 6th to the 8th grade. As a kid I always wanted to send an idea to a gaming company (Publisher) and see if they would make it for me. And then watch it become famous. I wasn’t even thinking about money. I was only 13 at the time.

So my proposal is to make that dream com true for another middle schooler. How do we do this?
It all starts with a story! As one of my curriculum requirements I have students right a short story idea for a game, describe the game play, and the mechanics. Basically a very simple but yet dumb downed version of a Game Design Document. Me and others who are interested will help walk these students through this creative process and putting together a GDD.

Main points
** Genre*
** Story*
** Game play*
** Mechanics*
** Goal*

Creative writing sad to say is not apart of the curriculum/Teks in schools. Creative writing helps build students imagination. Through this we are letting their minds run wild with some guidance of course.

Contestants can work as a group or as an individual.

The winners of this contest will have their concept idea create by a studio and the resources to see it through. The game will be for Web 3 platforms. While the game is being built the students will be educated on web 3 and its value for the future. I would like to reach out to other major game studios to sit in as judges for this event. Especially those who have made some popular mainstream games, but is open to web 3.

The game itself would be mainly a prototype for this student to have and keep. If contestants want to look more into about taking the idea to a publisher, a mentor or mentors will be in place to show them more on the entrepreneurial side of things such as how to make a pitch deck and how to pitch the idea to the publishers.

I was the one who brought the gaming curriculum to the school district that I currently teach at in Longview, Tx. I have access to and the ears of the superintendent and the reagents. (Region 7 which consists of 100 school districts). It would be know issue in getting the word out with the proper marketing info to present this opportunity. Contestants will have to get a sign consent form and have a meet with a representative on what to be expected.

A meeting will also needs to be done (via zoom or in person as an assembly) to explain what is to come. But this will only happen for those who actually sign up. I’m currently being moved up to as the first in the United States as a Gaming Coordinator for Game Design. As far as I have seen I would be the first in the United States. And that will help carry a little weight for people to listen. And with the community rallying with me to the cause will definitely be a plus.

Note: Please feel free to add and feel any wholes that I did not think of that you see is needed thanks again.

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@Hornet as someone who was in middle school when the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive released and wanted to use it to create my own characters and courses in 1080 Snowboarding, this one hits close to home. (Unfortunately that platform never came to the U.S. and didn’t have that functionality anyway…)

If I understand the pipeline you’ve proposed correctly, the critical path would be:

  1. Identify a group of middle school students interested in video game design
  2. Have the selected students create a “Basic” GDD for a Web3 game
  3. Select one of the submitted GDDs as a Winner
  4. Have the Winning GDD turned into a prototype game by a Studio

I think this is a noble goal and a great way to get students already interested in games a way to better understand what goes in to game development.

I have a number of questions for each of those above stages and would like to know how you are thinking of addressing them.

1. Identify Students

  • Are you looking at schools in your region of TX only, broadly within the US, or internationally?
  • Will students be selected from one school, or multiple schools?
  • What are the criteria to select a school or students?

2. GDD

  • Are there any GDD templates you would recommend? (It’s not content-appropriate, but based on your description the Silent Hill Shattered Memories GDD comes to mind for me: View Silent Hill: Cold Heart pitch document in full)
  • What Web3 components are students expected to know or incorporate?

3. Winner

  • What criteria are used to select a Winner?
  • Will there be runner-up prizes for individuals or teams that do not win the top prize, but still created good content?

4. Game Development

  • How will a Developer / Studio be selected?
  • What is the upside for the Developer / Studio to build the prototype (other than goodwill)?
  • What happens if the Web3 elements in the game, or the game itself, begins generating revenue?

My main question would be, how does Game7 fit into the proposal? Would funding be requested, or commitment from Game7 community members?