Game7 Proposal for our Loyal Opposition Group (G7-Prolog)


Thank you for considering the proposal to establish a Loyal Opposition group. The objective of this program is to provide constructive feedback to enhance the quality of web3 games and web3-related infrastructure projects. The following sections outline the background, the need, program design, and benefits of the Loyal Opposition program.


As creators in the web3 industry, we acknowledge the significance of constructive criticism to improve our products. However, feedback from individuals who always agree with us may not be sufficient to progress. Hence, we propose a Loyal Opposition group to provide genuine and truthful feedback on our work/products.

The Need for a Loyal Opposition Program:

The Loyal Opposition program is essential for improving the quality of web3 games and related infrastructure projects. Constructive criticism is vital to enhancing our work, and we cannot depend solely on positive feedback. The program should provide a platform for individuals to express their opinions and suggestions for improvement. Feedback from this program will help us identify our strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to create better products.

Program Design:

The Loyal Opposition program will be a group of passionate individuals from the Game7 community and beyond, who will provide constructive feedback on web3 games and related infrastructure projects. The program should consist of members who are willing to speak their minds and offer suggestions for improvement. Participation in the program should be voluntary, and anonymity should be an option for feedback providers.

The program should encourage honest, constructive, and respectful feedback. Feedback provided should be specific, actionable, and focused on improving the quality of the work/product.

Benefits of the Loyal Opposition Program:

The Loyal Opposition program will bring several benefits to the web3 industry. Firstly, it will provide genuine and truthful feedback that will improve the quality of our work/products. Secondly, it will promote a culture of continuous improvement, where feedback is encouraged, and everyone strives to enhance their work continuously. Thirdly, it will enable us to identify our strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to focus on improving areas where we are weak. Lastly, the program will foster a sense of community and collaboration, where members work together towards a common goal.


In conclusion, the establishment of a Loyal Opposition group will provide valuable feedback and encourage constructive criticism, ultimately improving the quality of web3 games and related infrastructure projects. We urge the community to support this proposal to enhance our industry and foster a collaborative and supportive environment.


Solid proposal. Comment on economic model vs game experience from discord #general chat:

“Web3 gaming has to focus on primarily improving gameplay/graphics imo…Once AAA gaming titles come out on web3 it will be much easier to build a proper token economy (which are being worked on in the background rn - it takes 2-4 years to properly develop; some potential examples include Gunzilla, Star Atlas, Illuviam)…Focus on the gameplay and retaining players first…Then overlay ownership of in game assets (for secondary market sales → royalties to both gamers and developers) which can be interoperable (reused) across several gaming titles…”


What a great cause! It seems to me that niching this down into sub-sections would make sense. Different experts could cover each of the pieces. Some of these can be economy, player acquisition, and game design… Do you have any folks in mind who could cover each of these sections? What content pathways do you see here for the community?


There are many gaming industry devs/producers we could call on to give feedback on in these areas for sure. and I can assist with that no problem.

As for content pathways, I think creating a series of resources, such as articles, podcasts, and webinars, that dive deeper into each section. These resources would be accessible to our community and provide actionable insights that can be applied to their work. We can also plan to facilitate discussions and on the forums/discord where community members can ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate with each other and the experts.

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I’m 100% in! This is EXTREMELY valuable information. Usually, when a user has negative feedback, they just go away and you’re lucky to hear it.