Game7 Community Survey and ideas

TL;DR: Calling for your ideas and initiatives to up-level our Game7 community efforts. Several prompts around improving “Onboarding to Game7.”

Game7 community stewards are on the lookout for ways to improve the overall experience for our members. In this spirit, we have taken new strides over the past few months to provide a warmer welcome to new members, a consistent cadence of informative community calls, and a renewed focus on deeper engagement through community led initiatives. In order to continue on this path in ways that will scale with our growing community, we are seeking your feedback.

We’ve prepared a survey to help us get to know you better and improve the Game7 experience. We appreciate your responses and will have a special thank you gift down the line for respondents :wink:.

Community Survey Link: [Game7 Community Survey]

We welcome your expertise and assistance across the board. Our DMs are also always open to you, should you prefer to reach out directly to us. :pray::heartpulse:

  • GrandMarquis#981, junkim#4184, nejc#9118, KostasZrk#1190, rk12#5935

A few areas of consideration:

Onboarding program
We’ve explored some solutions on this front, but have struggled to implement a system that works for everyone. We would love to develop a comprehensive onboarding program for new members that includes a welcome message, an introduction to the community, and a clear outline of the community rules and expectations. Should we build that experience out in Discord, or use a website, wiki, Charmverse (web3 Notion)? Additionally, should Game7 commit resources to a dedicated community mentor to assist new members with orienting themselves? Would we do better to spread out the effort among contributors with a stipend for community ambassadors?

Engagement tools
We’ve historically relied largely on anecdotal evidence and small sample sizes to inform decisions to structure our community facing platforms like our Discord and this Discourse Forum. We’d like to begin engaging the community more frequently with polls, surveys, and contests to become more data driven in our efforts, while also encouraging broader/more active member participation in shaping these shared spaces. Do you have a favorite, must use tool out there that we could turn to? Anything you’ve seen in other communities on this front that we might replicate? This is a high priority item, as it will help inform how we proceed across all the categories here while ensuring that all the voices in our community can be heard.

Feedback and improvement
Community sentiment ebbs and flows - often to extremes in this sector - but in the space that we control; are we delivering on the promise to accelerate the adoption of blockchain gaming? Are we acting on the needs and wants of builders who have the proven talent and experience to fulfill this mandate? Where can we do more - and how? Where are we falling short, how can we do better? And sure, let us know where we’re killing it! :clap:

Recognition and rewards
We’d like to recognize the contributions large and small that have established Game7 as the center of development efforts for all things blockchain gaming. We know some of the technologies available (but please, share more) to provide this for a savvy web3 community. What we’re most keen on uncovering here are the types of rewards and recognition that are meaningful to you! What resonates with you in other communities (virtual and IRL), in your favorite games, at work or school? This could include badges, points, access, praise, or incentives that can be earned and displayed in some form.

Community-wide events
The experience of Gam3r Forum in Berkeley was like walking into our Discord channel for a full day of community calls, product demos, AMAs and 1:1s. Would you like to see Game7 support community-led efforts for smaller scale in person meetups? Longer webinars on topics of interest, virtual community hangouts, gaming nights, and in general, efforts to bring members together and foster connections are all on the table…what are you most keen on seeing out of Game7? What would inspire you to attend, or what do you think would bring people together? How would you measure success across the effort?

Thank you for your many contributions to the community! We appreciate your thoughtful feedback on the prompts here or within the survey: [Game7 Community Survey]


P.S. Many of you have shared some ideas in Discord or 1:1s - please feel free to repost here for community comment.


I will provide my comment in a form of a story lmao I think more members should comment on this given how important it is to the future of the DAO:

Once upon a time, there was a new member who was eager to contribute to the Game7 community. However, they found it a bit overwhelming to navigate and find their way around. They wished for a more organized and user-friendly experience.

The new member had an idea to improve their experience and that of future new members. They envisioned a dashboard or wiki-style area where they could easily find everything happening at Game7. It would include information about the members of the community, such as their roles, companies, and areas of expertise. This would allow the new member to reach out to relevant individuals for help or collaboration on projects.

Additionally, the new member suggested implementing a contribution tracking system to show who is an active and engaged member. This would give them a better understanding of who is actively involved in the community and who they could potentially reach out to for support.

With these improvements, the new member was confident that they could successfully contribute to the Game7 community and achieve its goals.


Great call here! We’re actively working on this and will have something ready by the end of this month for community input! Fortunate to be at a place where we have a lot of activity in the DAO so we can populate the wiki with helpful guidance and content.

Join us tomorrow for a community call with Praise where we’ll hear about something quite close to this! That said, a system along the lines of what you’ve described would also be useful for DAO governance. Game7 has been looking into this for a while and should have more to share on this front soon!

Thanks for the great story and your first of hopefully many valuable contributions to Game7!



Love the way you outline your points with this Third-Person Storytelling. The best part of it is that it resonates very well!

Hi frens,

Just a quick update here to thank everyone who was able to submit responses to the Community Survey. We’ve begun analyzing the results, and will aim to share back a summary next week. We’ll go ahead and keep the survey open a bit longer if you’d still like to share any ideas or feedback:

Game7 Community Survey (~5 minutes)

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Hi, I’m ready to Leave my Input (constructed a few days back) on this Topic, Hope it isn’t late:

How to Make Onboarding Better for Game7? -

First and Foremost, we should have a proper verification system with no issues, then assign new folks with Roles (Bcos, People Generally want to discuss about what they like)

Then, a System should be in place to send out Weekly Surveys, this can be Curated by the Stewards in Game 7 Comm, i.e, To Figure out Topics for our surveys from discussions either directly from the Comm Discord / trending Topics in Web3 Gaming Space.

These Surveys could be Incentivized or not But Regardless of that, I Strongly think they should be XP Awarded and respondents stack up XPs based on their Engagements in Surveys. With these XPs, we climb a Leaderboard of Contributor role in Game7 Comm and Gain POAPs with Game7 Custom Designed Avatar of Members (here, we can utilize AI).

These Engagement System will Help Quantify Several Features we want to have in place for an Interactive Ecosystem, Such as;

  • Immediate & Continuous Engagements from New Users
  • Variety of Ideas about Web3 Gaming from Players who interact with it
  • Data that can be revised to push new Initiatives in the Eco
  • Rewarding and Recognizing Users with Attractive, Personalized POAPs that can be Shared
  • A Fun Contributor Level Role

Contributor Roles can be Structured for access to future Resources, But maybe now is not the time to do just that.
These Interactive features (surveys, XPs, Poaps, and Levels) should be attached to a Dashboard/ Web App in the Near-term(just like @justingames suggested) to give the Feel of Gamification and Accessible.

Thanks for reading my Input on this!


Hey Chel,

Not too late at all! In fact, we have been getting more submissions and plugged the survey again at today’s community call - so we’re going to take a bit more time into next week to share back results with the community.

Your comments around an engagement system are spot on! Even before we featured a few weeks back that has a compelling offering on this front, we have been exploring options and will be revealing something quite soon that will “check all the boxes” for you and the community here! I can’t wait until I’m able to share more!!!

For now, I can say to make sure that you sign up here:

We’ll close the survey first thing next week and have the results back out by week’s end!

And thank you again for your feedback here, and to all the others who have responded :pray:


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Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a good week and look forward to getting to meet many of you in person for the first time next week at ETH Denver! Find us at the G7 booth on the main floor across from the Blockchain Arcade. Please hit me up on Discord if you’ll be onsite @GrandMarquis#9811

We really enjoyed going through the survey responses, and cannot thank you all enough for taking the time to share your ideas with us. It was heartening to hear about the things we are doing well, and we’re encouraged by the fact that we’ve had things in the works across most of the areas where you saw room for improvement. I’ll go ahead and share a summary below with the key takeaways followed by some of the actions we are taking to improve game7 based on your feedback.

TL;DR - Very positive community sentiment. Weekly Community call cadence has been well received. General desire to see more educational content, implementation of a contribution tracking system, more transparency into nascent G7 grants/investments, events/comms beyond Discord and to maintain a high signal community as we scale.


The mix of respondents was weighted towards those who self-identify as “Game / Tool developers” (57%), with the rest split between “Gamers” and a variety of other roles.

“How would you feel if you could no longer access the G7 Community?” Well, this was split almost 50/50 between Very/Somewhat disappointed. We only saw a single response that answered “not disappointed” and I know who you are….:wink: j/k

Joking aside, this felt like a very positive result, and something we’ll continue to track in future surveys to gauge community sentiment.

The community was unanimous that Game7 is most beneficial to anyone building in web3, and also to gamers - a growing segment of our community. Here, we owe a big thanks to the community-led Playtesting initiative led by @KostasZrk#1190 and to the many playtesters. Particularly those who are filling out their feedback forms for the devs!

Moving on, there were three things that stood out as the main benefit of being part of game7

  1. Networking / passionate, interesting people
  2. Visibility into the overall product space / up to date information
  3. Alpha / highly valuable content and insights

We recognize the challenge of preserving these benefits as the community inevitably scales. Fortunately, we’ve been working on tooling to tackle this challenge along the lines of suggestions by @justingames @Chel. We’ll have more to share next week at the Wednesday, March 1 community call - announcement coming on Monday!

In no particular order, these were a few of the improvements to Game7 suggested by multiple community members, with responses I’ve added below each:

  1. Add an area for marketing / promotion / busdev

  2. Great idea, we should probably spin up a dedicated channel as we get a lot of requests on this

  3. Education / Coursework

  4. While we’ve provided a range of content on this front in community calls, we’d welcome community proposals for an initiative on this front. Alternatively, we could survey the community for specific areas and then source experts to lead AMAs or more workshops.

  5. Gamification, rewards, incentives

  6. Attend our next community call on March 1!

  7. More comms/events outside Discord

  8. We can do more to share the scope of what the community pulled off at Gam3r and have been planning for ETH Denver. Would love to hear more detail on which comms channels and what type of event participation the community would like to see.

  9. Maintain high signal community

  10. :pray: (We also believe that the product we’ve built will be instrumental here - join us in Discord on March 1)

  11. More initiatives / faster rollout

  12. We’ve been working on hard to make this happen! I believe we have 3 additional initiatives in the works beyond Playtesting and Game Jam. We hope to take some time here in March to evaluate the impact of the initiatives to date and those in the works, while improving the process for facilitating these. Basically, we want to make it easier for community members to launch and lead efforts that benefit all of G7. If you have an idea, don’t hesitate to reach out!

  13. Share deal flow / VC Partnerships

  14. Transparency into Grants/Investments

  15. Together with “g” above, the committees leading these efforts should have more to share in the weeks following ETH Denver. (Mid-March into early April)

  16. Wiki / FAQ

  17. We have a “complete” wiki spun up in Gitbook and expect to release this in the week ahead pending a bit of polish and design work. Please share your feedback with us when it’s shared!


Thank you again for those that made it this far, or to any point past the TL;DR! As always, we welcome your thoughts and suggestions here or by DM to any community steward.

Special thanks to supercat#0415 for their help in developing the survey, to the community stewards (KostasZrk#1190, junkim#4184 , Junior_#3117, ) for their tireless efforts to cultivate this wonderful community that not only cares deeply about the future of gaming, but is building its very foundations. Shoutout as well to all the rest of the core contributors and builders throughout the community.

glhf and #LFG.