GAM3R Forum 2022: update [event launch]

A few weeks ago, on behalf of the Event’s Committee, I shared Proposal: GAM3R Summit 2022 to introduce the idea for a community-led event built for developers in web3 gaming. We promptly received a lot of support and many community members have already provided amazing feedback around the vision, content, and production to name a few.

Exciting news – GAM3R Forum 2022 will be an official event on November 2nd at UC Berkeley this year. Thank you to everyone who has engaged with us and contributed your time to make this happen.

We are also excited to partner with UC Berkeley and SF Blockchain Week (SFBW) with GAM3R Forum 2022 featured as an official event along with Crypto Economics Security Conference (CESC), 0xpo: Crossroads, and ETHSanFrancisco.

Are you interested in attending? We have created a dedicated website for GAM3R Forum 2022 where you can submit your interest to attend the event and please be sure to include your corresponding Game7 Community Discord ID!

To echo what we shared in the original post, we encourage you to share continued feedback and ideas on the following:

  1. Is anyone interested in joining the GAM3R event’s committee to help us organize it?
  2. What topics should be covered?
  3. Who should we invite to speak?
  4. What type of speaking formats should we explore? (i.e. workshops, roundtables, fireside chats, presentations, etc.)

In addition to the website, we have created a GAM3R 2022 Working Group in the Game7 Discord. For those that are interested in contributing, this is a great way to get involved. You can access this channel by subscribing to it via the Working Groups Hub category. If you need help getting access, please reach out to Jun (junkim#4184) on Discord.



Thanks @jss19. I just filled the form and am getting excited!

Will there be any options for virtual participation or partial participation? Given the global nature of the community, some folks might be unable to get to NorCal at that time.

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Sorry you couldn’t make it this time =\

The videos will be uploaded and shared with the community in the coming weeks. They’re being edited now afaik :slight_smile: